Factory visit and first test of the moulds

Morten Larsen and Woody have visited the factory that is going to produce the Batterybox for us. Producing for world leading brands like IKEA, Pepsi, Gatorade and Rubbermaid, we are very happy with their high quality level and knowhow. First test of the moulds and extensive quality checks. Some adjustments are needed, but we are

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DBI test of Batterybox

DBI testing of Batterybox

64 days after Whtif won the Norwegian Fire Protection Association’s innovation award for 2023, the time had finally come to test the Batterybox at DBI in Denmark.We used a lipocell of 11.1 Wh, which surpasses all consumer batteries that are intended to be deposited in the Batterybox.

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Batterybox text

Successful testing

We are getting closer and closer to the final design of the Batterybox. The Batterybox is really put through some serious tests in a flammable kitchen environment.

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Brannvernforeningens innovasjonspris 2023

Application sent to the innovation price

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, the Norwegian Fire Protection Association has set up an innovation price to stimulate new thinking to prevent fire. Of course we believe in our product so much that we had to enter.

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