Batterybox won Innovation prize 2023. Here is the jury’s justification

The Norwegian Fire Protection Association ́s Innovation Award 2023

The jury’s decision reads as follows:
The jury has had the pleasure of seeing what have been a number of good candidates for The Norwegian Fire Protection Association ́s Innovation Award. The jury has no doubt that there is further potential for innovations in the field of fire prevention in Norway in the coming years as the level of performance of this year’s assessed products has been very high. For the jury, it has been an exciting challenge to choose between such good and various innovative solutions for preventive fire protection. But they found that to be a luxury problem. It is also good news for the objective of preventing people from dying or becoming seriously injured in a fire in Norway!

The winner has, in the best way, collectively met the purpose and criteria for the Innovation Award, in that the solution is characterized by both creativity and innovation. It reaches a wide audience, and is helping to reduce the risk of fire. The solution will help prevent fires both in the home and in the business world. It will facilitate for a better return and recycling policy, and thus have a positive effect on the environment. The winning solution revolves around the return and safe storage of batteries in the each and every home.

The winner has developed a tangible product, which is also part of a larger concept. Together the solution will be able to reduce the risk of fires at multiple stages during the life cycle of a battery. Whether it is by safe storage at home, or by improving the routines for return and recycling of batteries. Fewer batteries going astray is also good news for the environment.

We congratulate Whtif and their “Batterybox” with the Norwegian Fire Protection Association´s Innovation Award for 2023.

The applicants was considered by a jury consisting of people from various diciplines of the Norwegian fire safety community. They had to choose the best applicant from a maximum of ten entries, and agree on the best candidate.

The jury consisted of:
Hildegunn Bjerke, department director in Finance Norway.
Anders Blakseth, chief engineer at The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection.
Anne Steen-Hansen, professor of fire engineering at NTNU and senior researcher at RISE.
Lars Henrik Bøhler, board member of Oslotech AS.
Rolf Søtorp, director of The Norwegian Fire Protection Association.

There were 16 applicants, 9 of them satisfied the desired objectives and criteria for the award and progressed to the jury’s final assessment.
The Batterybox by Whtif was selected as the winner with a unanimous decision.

The prize was awarded by the Chairman of the Board, Lars Henrik Bøhler, at the gala dinner on the 7th of November 2023 to celebrate The Norwegian Fire Protection Association 100th anniversary.

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