The Batterybox - Simple and safe handling of consumer batteries

The Batterybox makes it environmentally friendly, easy and safe to handle both new and used consumer batteries.

A battery, in which at least one of the terminals is covered and delivered at a return point, becomes a resource where important metals are recovered, which is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. At the same time, the number of fires due to short circuits and batteries going astray is reduced,, which provides an even greater environmental benefit.

A stray battery with uncovered terminals poses a safety risk, a fire hazard, and is a burden on the environment.

Simply explained, the Batterybox is a stylish fireproof box, shaped like a battery, which can prevent short circuits, overheating and fire in consumer batteries from spreading outside the Batterybox. At the top of the Batterybox, there is a dispenser for stickers to tape the battery terminals. 


See how the Batterybox works:

Used batteries

The sticker is used to cover at least one of the terminals on a used battery, before opening the Batterybox and putting the battery inside. When the Batterybox starts to get full, take the box to the nearest return point and recycle your batteries. 


New batteries

When opening the sales packaging on new batteries, the terminals may be exposed. 

Use the stickers to cover at least one of the terminals until you use the battery. 

This way battery is protected against coming in contact with materials that can short circuit the battery and lead to overheating and fire until you put it to use.

TOR is the Batterybox mascot

Tor with the hammer has an uncontrollable temper, just like a battery in thermal runaway. Tor is also immeasurably strong, just like the Batterybox.

And if you remember TOR, it is also easier to remember the basic rules for how you should treat batteries safely, both for you and the environment. 

Tape and cover both terminals on the battery with clear tape.
Organise your batteries in a vented and fireproof container.
Recycle your batteries at the nearest return point.

The Batterybox makes recycling batteries easy and safe.

The Batterybox is Patent Pending.
Batterybox Tor
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