About Whtif

Whtif is pronounced what if and is part of how we think and work.

There are no boundaries, no rules, nothing is stupid or dumb, everything is possible. Maybe not today, but in the future.

Whtif you could have a…

We work across the borders and have a great team located in Scandinavia.

Krister is our CEO and is taking care of our economy, making sure we are on track when our ideas go wild.

Glenn is our designer and makes the ideas look even better than we thought where possible.

Our 3D designer is Morten, he works the magic so we can see the product come to life, in addition to making sure our suppliers deliver quality.

Marius makes the 3D drawings come into physical form and also plays an important part of the product test team, together with Morten, Ove and René.

Ove is our recidential firefighter and electrician, who asks the questions that are hard to answer and also puts our products through the worst test together with René.

René is all over the place, taking care of our distributors, working with strategic partners, sales and concepts.

Thor Martin is our door opener, adviser and the go to guy when in doubt.

Elisabeth is our Art director and also keeps us in line, putting her foot down when the testosterone is taking over. Running her own design company Visual Design Studio, she has worked with world leading brands in safety and security for 10+ years and also gives Whtif the feminine side of design and a clear voice.

Our organisation number is 932 137 984 and we share offices with our Norwegian distributor BSP AS at Sofiemyr, just south of the Norwegian capital Oslo. 

Whtif meeting
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