DBI test of Batterybox

DBI testing of Batterybox

64 days after Whtif won the Norwegian Fire Protection Association’s innovation award for 2023, the time had finally come to test the Batterybox at DBI in Denmark.

We used a lipocell of 11.1 Wh, which surpasses all consumer batteries that are intended to be deposited in the Batterybox.

In addition, we used 3D printed Batteryboxes, where the properties of the 3D material will be surpassed in the production version, both in terms of heat and fire resistance and mechanical strength.

The tests were filmed in HD, with a FLIR thermal camera and 7 thermocouples were used, which measured temperatures every 5 seconds.

We got a lot of valuable data from these tests and measured a whopping 618℃ inside the Batterybox during one of the tests.

In none of the tests did the labels inside the dispenser or the “kitchen environment” catch fire. Nor did we experience that the inside bag or the box failed, we only got flames, gas and smoke passing through the top of the box as intended.



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