a stylish and safe way to recycle your batteries!

A battery that is recycled is environmentally friendly, a resource and sustainable.

A stray battery poses a safety risk, a fire hazard, and is a burden on the environment. 

At Whtif, we believe in simplifying safety without compromising on innovation and environmental responsibility. Our mission is to make safety accessible, innovation transformative, and environmental stewardship an integral part of our business.

We’re here to simplify safety for individuals and businesses. Our solutions make safety straightforward, intuitive, and effective, ensuring that everyone can embrace a safer world.

Innovation is our driving force. We harness cutting-edge technologies and fresh ideas to revolutionize how safety is approached. By combining innovation with safety, we create solutions that push boundaries and exceed expectations.

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to sustainable practices, eco-friendly technologies, and responsible operations that leave a positive impact on the world.

Whtif is where safety becomes simple, innovation is celebrated, and the environment thrives. Join us in our mission to create a harmonious balance between safety, innovation, and environmental well-being.


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